Since 1992,
limitless achievement

Alongside prestigious luxury houses, Culture d’Objet realizes the ambitions of the most creative minds. Thirty years of inventiveness and technical agility, extreme attention to the development of every detail and eco-innovative design make it a leader in the creation of exceptional spaces and furniture. Combining high-end craftsmanship, technicality, refinement and aesthetics, Cd’O is driven by a passion for beautiful work.

Guarantors of flexible and innovative artistic craftsmanship, its technicians place expertise and advice at the service of a prestigious clientele, to respond to all challenges. Window decorations and animations, enhancement of sales spaces, manufacturing of displays and special projects, traveling exhibitions, pop-ups and creation of ephemeral showrooms, welcome to the magic of Culture d'Objet, welcome to the makers of universes... 

Participating in the influence of French luxury in the four corners of the world, reviving an architectural masterpiece, advocating a new entrepreneurial philosophy, provoking sensory customer experiences... So many magic tricks performed on a daily basis by Culture d'Objet.
Our values

From one atmosphere to another, our technicians magnify the vision of creators, artistic directors and entrepreneurs. Establishing the conditions for a privileged relationship, Cd’O places its talents and expertise at the service of brands and institutions, to perfect their uniqueness. Underneath every Cd’O design lies the solid conviction that beauty is a positive force. That excellence is hidden in the details and that it is necessary to continually push the field of possibilities to achieve it. It is this part of dream, of magic, which makes us uniquely human.

Technical expertise
Design office, R&D department and integrated prototyping. Blank assembly in our workshops. Single point of contact for optimal monitoring of your project.
Personalized production
Showcases, custom furniture, scenographies, pop up stores... Manufacturing controlled in-house, unique spaces that can be dismantled, reusable and storable.
International support
Operation on a global scale and in perfect synchronization, mastery of logistics and assembly, roaming of your brand around the world.
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Your imagination comes to life in our workshops in Vendée

At Culture d’Objet, all production and finishing is internalized in our workshops in order to guarantee quality and responsiveness. With a team of multidisciplinary technicians and craftsmen with 10 professions gathered on the same site.