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Responsible Universe Designer

Invest today for a responsible tomorrow 

Culturally, the pinnacle of our achievements lies in this “wow!” effect. »…It is the magical moment when the amazed gaze encounters the dazzling materialization of a conceived idea: l’expérience client est notre boussole

Always anchored in the DNA of Culture d’Objet, responsible production has today become a priority shared by all. Together we can catalyze change. Culture d’Objet fully mobilizes its resources to offer solutions to your sustainable development challenges: 2vies. 

Through this new program, we are opening new horizons, concretizing our commitment to a responsible future.

Our new program, 2vies, embodies our ambition to make our activity more responsible and virtuous: 

Reduction of the environmental footprint
The 2vies project offers a concrete solution to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of your productions.
Holistic approach with renewable energy
The 2vies approach integrates optimal management of our creations with a new innovative storage building, a generator of renewable energy. This green energy powers all of our workshops. 
Anticipation and complete life cycle management
The 2vies solution allows maximum anticipation of each stage of the project life cycle, from its creation to its reuse and subsequent transformation.
Facilitating the reuse of materials
The 2Vies tool facilitates the reuse of materials identified and recovered from your previous projects. These materials are reusable, transformable and often suitable for traceable recycling channels. 
Concrete CSR commitment:
Notre service 2vies est 100% made in France reposant sur des politiques de développement durable concrètes et ambitieuse récompensée par une médaille d’or Ecovadis et labellisé par AFNOR Certification ISO 26000. Par cet engagement RSE, nous pouvons garantir la mise en œuvre effective de nos actions et prolonger la durée de vie de nos ressources. 
Centralized storage for optimal management
The 2vies approach is based on the centralized storage of raw materials recovered from your previous productions, ensuring optimal management of costs and deadlines.
Operational efficiency and reduction of transport impacts
This approach allows exceptional responsiveness to personalize, renovate, reuse and transform your projects on the same site, thus considerably reducing transport-related impacts.
Towards a circular economy and a reduced carbon footprint
represents a crucial step towards a more responsible approach, a circular economy with less waste, and the preservation of resources, thus contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint. 

aims to offer you the realization of projects using virtuous, reusable, storable and reconditionable materials for new productions. It is an invitation to take a step together towards a more sustainable future.
2VIES - Culture d'Objet

2vies: Identified Issues, Strong Actions 

Driven by our ambition, determination, and faithful to our values ​​of Quality, Integrity, Proximity, Trust, Purpose Culture has defined the priorities and action levers necessary for the development of its CSR Commitments charter.

Responsible purchasing
Reduce our samples from nature
Responsible purchasing
Label and certification
Implement an Eco design approach
100% virtuous partners
Social & human rights
Develop and promote our Positive Externality
Social & human rights
Reduce our scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions
Reduce our waste
Capitalize on the second life of products

Priority 2vies

Support our customers towards more virtuous solutions by reducing the environmental impact of our activities in close collaboration with our partners. 

• Integrated approach to Sustainable Development, including frequent measurement of performance indicators to guarantee the satisfaction of all our stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and society as a whole. 

• Establishment of local partnerships with reuse sectors and recycling centers to ensure responsible management of materials.

Strong actions 

More than words, these are actions that have brought our CSR commitments to life with an investment of more than €4 million over the year 2023. 

Our entire production site is now equipped with low-consumption LEDs. We built a new 2600m2 storage building, entirely covered with photovoltaic panels, thus making our production site completely autonomous thanks to its production of renewable energy. Our commitment to sustainable mobility has materialized through the acquisition of electric vehicles. As part of our expansion projects, we have preserved 2000m2 as a biodiversity reservoir zone, dedicated to the protection of pollinators through a flowering fallow. 

In order to promote quality of life at work, we have created new modern, spacious, bright social premises, with large bay windows opening onto a wooden terrace and green spaces conducive to relaxation. A new car park, equipped with electric charging stations and an enclosed and covered bicycle storage room, encourages our employees to adopt carpooling and responsible transport. We have modernized and transformed our collaborative work spaces for our R&D and CNC programming services. The emphasis is on skills development, with 2,345 hours of training provided in 2022 for 40 employees. 

Specific training on eco-design and the study of the carbon impact of our achievements was carried out for our employees. We have strengthened our team with the recruitment of a CSR/QSE manager and the creation of around ten new jobs. 

Compliant with the “Climate and Resilience” law with an objective of zero net artificialization (ZAN) by 2050, Culture d’Objet allows new companies to establish themselves in our territory, to recruit, to also enter into partnerships local. This action led us to share our land to build 4 relay workshops in order to create synergies and pool our resources, our skills and our waste areas.

2VIES - Culture d'Objet

Our commitments, rewards and certifications

The Living Heritage Company label

Excellence des savoir faire Français - Culture d'Objet

Created in 2005, the label “Living Heritage Company” (EPV) is a mark of recognition from the State awarded for a period of five years. It is the only state label awarded to a company for its entire activity, and guaranteeing the excellence of its know-how. This is why in 2023 Culture d’Objet obtained the EPV label recognizing the rarity, uniqueness and excellence of its know-how.

ECOVADIS 2022: Gold Medal

Ecovadis 2022 - Culture d'Objet

Ecovadis evaluates each company based on its size, location and sector of activity. Ecovadis focuses on 4 major themes: Social & Human Rights, Environment, Ethics and Governance and Responsible Purchasing Policy.

2023: The AFNOR Committed CSR label – Confirmed 2-star mention

The Committed CSR label AFNOR evaluates the performance and maturity of our CSR approach. Originally based on the international standard ISO 26000, which provides guidelines for social responsibility and an international framework for behavior, it provides a new outside perspective on what we accomplish.

Responsibility Europe

Responsibility Europe - Culture d'Objet

Validation and recognition of our labeling Committed to CSR AFNOR at the level international by the Responsibility Europe label.


Nous soutenons le pacte mondial - Culture d'Objet

Culture d’Objet benefits from international recognition, through its membership of the Global Compact, the United Nations Global Compact. Culture d’Objet aims to involve its employees and partners in increased vigilance regarding compliance with the key principles of a more sustainable society. An ethics charter and a responsible purchasing charter have been put in place.


La French Fab -Culture d'Objet

« La French Fab is the standard of French industry in motion for its transformation. It embodies companies from industrial sites located in France which recognize their desire to develop French industry, adhere to the concept and values ​​of La French Fab and want to wear its colors. It brings together the industry ecosystems supported by all the players in the territories who approach La French Fab as a unifying sign. Culture d’Objet is committed to working alongside French Fab.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

FSC - Culture d'Objet

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) offers the most trusted responsible forest management solution in the world. Non-profit organization that certifies more than 200 million hectares of forests on the planet. The FSC Responsible Forestry Standard, linked to rigorous chain-of-custody certification, is a proven natural solution to meeting modern climate and biodiversity challenges. This is why environmental groups, NGOs, consumers and businesses trust it. Culture d’Objet selects its FSC-certified materials.