Your new circular logistics platform

The new  2vies platform offers 3,000 m2 entirely dedicated to the efficiency of your projects.

It enables better management of resources and stocks, extends their lifespan under appropriate storage conditions, and revitalizes dormant stocks by offering them the chance to be reborn, transformed and overcycled.

2Vies is at the service of time, preservation and the transmission of your creations.

The new 2vies program embodies our commitment to sustainable, responsible production
Reduction of the environmental footprint
By storing, protecting and extending the life of your creations, you can concretely reduce your environmental footprint
Renewable energies
The entire site benefits from optimized management thanks to solar panels that supply all workshops with green energy.
Full management
of the life cycle
From eco-design to transformation, every stage of the life cycle is studied and streamlined by our R&D department.
Reuse & upcycling
Materials are identified, sorted and conserved to become new resources for future projects.
Certified CSR commitments
Our 100% made in France production is based on ambitious policies in favor of sustainable development. Our day-to-day commitments have been awarded the Ecovadis Gold Medal and AFNOR ISO 26000 certification.
Centralized storage for optimal management
The 2vies approach is based on the centralized storage of materials recovered from your previous productions, ensuring efficient management of costs and lead times.
Impact reduction
Working on a centralized site reduces the impacts of transportation. It allows you to reuse and transform your projects in a short, intelligent circuit.
Circular Economy
2vies gives a new tool for the circular economy of your creations, producing less waste, preserving resources and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the business as a whole. 

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10 skills for sustainable creations


« For more than 10 years, social and environmental responsibility has been at the heart of our organization, defining our strategy and our lines of development, in a shared commitment with the major luxury houses we serve.»



by limiting transport volumes and optimizing supplies.


transforming surplus production into raw materials for SSE players.


by dismantling and sorting the components of creations to give them back their value.


by ensuring the traceability of flows and certifying their processing.


by protecting your property rights and ensuring destruction under bailiff's supervision.


by storing, protecting and thus extending the useful life of creations.


by over-cycling and transforming creations thanks to on-site production facilities and know-how.


by visualizing stocks online and managing them in real time.


by compiling production elements from your suppliers to manage global logistics.


keeping only what is essential and useful.

Our commitments, rewards and certifications

The Living Heritage Company label

Created in 2005, the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label is a national recognition awarded for a period of five years. In 2023, Culture d'Objet was awarded the EPV label in recognition of the excellence of its know-how.


ECOVADIS 2022: Gold Medal

Ecovadis evaluates each company based on its size, location and sector of activity.covadis focuses on 4 major themes: Social & Human Rights, Environment, Ethics and Governance and Responsible Purchasing Policy.


2023: The AFNOR Committed CSR label
Confirmed 2-star mention

The AFNOR label assesses the performance and maturity of our CSR approach. Based on the ISO 26000 standard, it provides a new benchmark for Culture d'Objet, validating our CSR practices, operational management and results.


Responsibility Europe

Validation and recognition of our labeling Committed to CSR AFNOR at the level international by the Responsibility Europe label.



Culture d’Objet benefits from international recognition, through its membership of the Global Compact, the United Nations Global Compact. Culture d’Objet aims to involve its employees and partners in increased vigilance regarding compliance with the key principles of a more sustainable society. An ethics charter and a responsible purchasing charter have been put in place.



The French Fab embodies companies located in France that recognize themselves in the desire to develop French industry. It federates industry ecosystems driven by all local players. Culture d'Objet is committed to the French Fab.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

A non-profit organization, FSC certifies over 200 million hectares of forests worldwide. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) guarantees responsible forest management. Culture d'Objet selects FSC-labeled wood to guarantee its origin and quality, and to ensure sustainable management of the resource.